Coordinating Wedding Favors For Your Themed Wedding

Coordinating Wedding Favors For Your Themed Wedding

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Theme weddings are all the rage - theme decor, theme food and theme wedding favors. The key to having a perfect theme wedding is coordinating all the various aspects of the wedding to a particular theme. This includes having special theme wedding party favors.

Ideas For Theme Wedding Favors

Beach Theme Wedding Favors: A beautiful wedding setting with the sun, sand and surf. Beach theme wedding favors are highly creative and can be associated with seashells, sand, conches, marine life and the ocean. Some popular wedding guest favors for a beach wedding are:

Unique beach theme wedding favors: How about a "Beach in a Bottle"? A little bit of the beach for guests to take home after the wedding reception. A high quality glass bottle is filled with sand and authentic seashells and decorated on the outside. This unique wedding favor will keep the memories of your beach wedding alive for years to come.

Asian Theme Wedding Favors: An Asian theme wedding makes for an exotic wedding celebration. So it is natural that your guests would expect exotic and unique wedding favors as well. Some great wedding party favor ideas for an Asian theme wedding are:

Unique Asian theme wedding favors: Paper Hand fans made from beautiful handmade mulberry paper. The women will go ga-ga over this favor. In addition, it will bring an Asian flare to the entire wedding party.

Love & Hearts Theme Wedding Favors: Love is the basis of any wedding reception, but if you make it the theme of your wedding, you can expect lots of mushy sentiments and emotional moments. So why not go all the way and pick from some great wedding favor ideas:

Unique love & hearts theme wedding favors:Personalized Heart shaped glass bottles with a message inside are the personification of romance itself. The bottles can later be used as tiny vases.

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, the wedding favors must be coordinated for a complete effect, and with today's selection of wedding favors coordinating is a breeze.

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