Tricks To Getting Wholesale Wedding Favors

Tricks To Getting Wholesale Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are fabulous and guests love them. However, expensive wedding favors are not something everyone can afford.

Even if you look to spend just $2.00 on every favor and have 100 guests you are looking at $200.00! A $5.00 wedding favor would up your wedding favors budget to $500.00. Phew! That's steep for just the wedding favors. Add to it all the other wedding related expenses and you could find yourself in major debt.

The trick to doing great wedding favors and not paying through your nose for them is to look for wholesale wedding favors. Now there are certain facts you should know before you start hunting.

Most wholesale wedding favors are sold in large quantities like 500 pieces or 1000 pieces. To get a really good rate you would have to purchase a quantity, which most likely is far more than what you need. This does not mean you cannot buy wholesale wedding favors. You just need to get creative. You can create a message board on one of the popular wedding sites and ask if other brides-to-be would be interested in the same wedding favors. Find a group of brides who want to buy the same wedding favors and place a single large order. Each bride can then take the number she needs. So you can buy wholesale wedding favors in small quantities!

Beware of websites that advertise wholesale wedding favors in quantities of a dozen or two. They may be increasing the rates to begin with and then offering you a perceived "discounted" or wholesale rate.

Another way to get wholesale wedding favors is to buy the different parts of the wedding favor for wholesale rates and put it together yourself. So if you plan to give away chocolate kisses wrapped in silver tulle with a ribbon, buy bags of chocolate kisses, yards of tulle and meters of ribbon. Then throw a pajama party for the bridesmaids and put together your favors yourself. This will really give you wholesale wedding favors at fabulous prices.

If you have a few months to plan your wedding, buy wedding favors immediately after the holiday season. So if you want heart or romance theme favors, wait till the day after Valentine's Day and then hit the shops. Most will be selling their wares at less than 50% of the original price since the value considerably decreases immediately after the event. It goes for Christmas, July Fourth, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day and pretty much every other holiday you can think of.

Thus, finding wholesale wedding favors is more about shopping creatively to get the best rates than going to a wholesaler.

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