Cheap Wedding Favors That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Weddings are expensive affairs in general. Sticking to your wedding budget can be extremely difficult. In addition to other expenses, wedding favors too add to the budget. Cutting costs without compromising on the quality of the wedding favors can be very tricky.

Most brides don't like the idea of "cheap" wedding favors. However, it is important to remember that the trick behind cheap wedding favors is to be creative and innovative. Spending less does not always mean buying inferior wedding favors.

Here are some ideas for cheap wedding favors that not only give you bang for your buck, but also look classy and elegant.

Cheap wedding favor boxes: While wedding favor boxes can be as expensive as 5 dollars a piece, they can even be gotten for as little as 30 cents each! The reason for the varying prices is the kind of material used to make the boxes and accessorize them.

A really fancy wedding favor box like a colorful cake shaped box costs approximately $4.50 per box. Add to that some chocolates to put inside the box and you have a fairly expensive wedding favor.

On the other hand you can choose an inexpensive or cheap wedding favors box made from beautiful paper in the shape of a wedding dress or tuxedo. The wedding theme related favors add a whimsical touch to the wedding. You can even personalize the boxes with the first names of the couple for an added touch of class. These would cost less than a dollar each and cut down your total wedding favors budget by 80%!

Edible & cheap wedding favors: Part of the fun at weddings is the great food and free drinks. Add to it a slice of scrumptious wedding cake and some gourmet chocolates to take home as wedding favors - what more could a wedding guest want?

Candies, cookies and other treats make great cheap wedding favors. Men and women, the young and the old, the married and unmarried and pretty much everybody likes them! Dress them up real nice, and even the simplest of candies becomes elegant and refined.

Wedding favor candies can also be personalized in two ways. One way is to personalize the candy itself like you do with custom imprinted chocolate wedding coins. The other way is to personalize the wrapping or packaging as is done with personalized boxes of wedding mints.

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