Are DIY (Do it Yourself) Wedding Favors really worth it?

DIY wedding favors are a fantastic idea for hands-on brides who like to be involved in every aspect of wedding planning.

But when you consider the time spent coming up with a creative idea for the wedding favor, buying the required materials, putting together the favors for countless guests, and storing them in a safe place for the wedding, it can get pretty overwhelming.. So is it really worth the effort?

The answer is unequivocally; Yes! Doing your own wedding favors can be loads of fun and also a great bonding experience. If you are not entirely convinced, check out some of the benefits of DIY wedding favors.

Benefits of DIY wedding favors:

  • DIY wedding favors are a wonderful way to organize pre-wedding get-togethers and parties with all your girlfriends. There is little better women like than meeting up with a group of girlfriends and bonding. Research also supports the theory that hanging out with close friends enhances the quality of your life. So feel free to throw lunch and dinner parties or even an old-fashioned pajama party to get going on the DIY wedding favors.

  • DIY wedding favors are also the perfect way to get mothers involved. If your mom is like all other moms, she too wants to plan the perfect wedding for you; her way! DIY wedding favors are an absolutely sneaky way to get her occupied. Not only will she feel thrilled at being asked to help with the DIY wedding favors, but you will also get her out of your hair.

  • DIY wedding favors also give you a chance to stay within the budget. Once you decide how much you want to spend on the wedding favors, you can easily adapt of modify the DIY wedding favors to fit within the budget.

  • DIY wedding favors also add a personal touch to the entire wedding. Knowing that each guest will take home a piece of the wedding created personally by the bride and her friends makes it all the more special. Sometimes labors of the heart are far more appreciated than anything money can buy.

  • DIY wedding favors are easy to personalize. Since you will be making each favor by hand, you can customize and personalize the favor for each wedding guest. If you plan on giving candies as wedding favors, with DIY wedding favors you can put in liquor chocolates for the adults, milk chocolates for the kids, sugar free for the diabetics and low calorie candies for the dieters. The thoughtfulness is bound to touch your guests.

So, if ever it was the thought that counted, DIY wedding favors are the way to go!

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