Candle Wedding Favors for Hopes of a Good and Happy Life

Candles have been a part of society for a long time. Candles are not only used as a source of light. We use them for celebrations, for accenting decor, for defining rituals and ceremonies, for marking important events. Weddings wouldn't be complete without the presence of candles. It is said that candles symbolize hope for a happy life in marriage. In recent times, candles have taken a significant part in wedding ceremonies - through the lighting of the unity candle, which is said to be symbolic of two souls becoming one.

Candles come in many types: pillar, floating, votive, specialty, gel, taper, tealight, jar and soy to name some. This is why candles make great wedding favors. There are approximately 300 candle producers in the US, and a typical big candle manufacturer has the ability to offer over 1,000 candle varieties. Candles can retail from about $0.50 to as much as $200 for specialty candles.

Newlywed couples could extend their hopes for a good and happy life to their wedding guests through candle wedding favors that come in various creative shapes, sizes and colors. Aside from being elegant decorative items, candle wedding favors are also functional.

You can buy round, square or hexagonal pillar candles in bulk for about $2.50 each. To transform them into attractive candle wedding favors, tie organza ribbons on them and give them in beautiful candle holders. If you're operating on a budget, you can opt for floating candles, which you can buy in bulks of 20, 50 or 100 for less than $20. They make delightful candle wedding favors.

Another type of candles that popular as candle wedding favors are the votive candles. These candles are typically 2 to 3 inches high and burn in small glass containers that are heat resistant. Votive candles can be bought in bulk and you can get 120 unscented votive candles for less than $20. Votive containers range between $2 to $5, depending on whether you want clear, elaborate or colored ones.

Specialty candles are becoming more and more popular. These candles come in various three-dimensional shapes and are typically molded. For garden or nature theme wedding, rose ball candles, floating or pillar candles make impressive candle wedding favors.

You can also make your own candle wedding favors. Check out the many free resources that are available online on how you can create homemade candles.

However which way you choose to do it, candles are always going to be cherished wedding favors. Take great care in choosing your candle wedding favors for they represent your hopes not only of a happy life for you and your spouse, but also of those of your guests who shared your special day with you.

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