Wedding Favor Box Ideas

Many people spend more time choosing the right package for their wedding favors than the actual wedding favors. This is justifiable when the connection between the wedding favors and the wedding theme is not very clear. A wedding favor box that is well matched with the wedding theme can add thematic congruity to nearly any wedding favor. But first one must become familiar with what is available in the realm of wedding favor boxes.

Today, wedding favor boxes are not simply boring, square boxes. Wedding favor boxes come in all shapes, styles and sizes. They may be clear top, made from recycled paper or come in pastel colors. They can also be flat, tall or wide to accommodate any wedding favor shape. Wedding favor boxes are also round, rectangular, conical, hexagonal or odd-shaped. Among the various wedding favors, edible wedding favors such as mint candies, chocolates and cookies are best packaged in wedding favor boxes.

Here are a few wedding favor box ideas to get you started. You can adapt them for packaging your own wedding favors.

  • Stack two glossy white favor boxes (a 2-inch box and a 3-inch box) to make a miniature wedding cake. Fill the boxes with almonds, gourmet chocolate truffles, mints, cookies or whatever you can think of. For that miniature wedding cake finish, wrap the boxes with Swiss satin or organza ribbons.

  • If you want to go for a minimalist approach and still impress your guests, bon bon candy boxes with satin ribbon wrapped around the boxes will do the trick. Put edible or decorative treats you choose inside these transparent boxes. For wedding favor tags, place stickers on one of the sides.

  • Another minimalist wedding box is the pillow box. Wrap satin ribbon around the box and place a flower on top of it and you have a simple but elegant wedding favor packaging. Inside, put edible treats or small items such as key chains, charm bracelets and magnets.

  • Score points for uniqueness with bridal cone favor boxes. Fill these wedding favor boxes with sweets and other treats. For the finishing touch, top each cone box with a flower. Other unique wedding favor boxes are sets of bride & groom favor boxes. Place your mementos inside favor boxes in the form of a wedding dress and tuxedo.

  • You don't need to have a Chinese or an Asian theme wedding in order to stash your wedding favors inside Chinese take-out boxes. These boxes make cute and classy wedding favor packaging. You can fill them with wedding fortune cookies, almonds, cakes, and chocolates. Accentuate these wedding favor boxes with organza ribbons or satin ribbons.

You have a wide and varied selection of wedding favor boxes from which you can choose. Don't be overwhelmed! Choose the one that is appropriate for your wedding and you can be sure that your guests will go home with keepsakes they'll always cherish.

Copyright Andrea R Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.