Unique Edible Wedding Favors

Unique Edible Wedding Favors

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Edible wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. There are edible wedding favors for budget weddings and edible wedding favors for royal weddings. Edible wedding favors can appeal equally to your wedding guests whether they are 80 years old or 8 years old. Edible wedding favors are popular because they are suitable for almost every wedding and for almost every wedding guest.

The first things that may come to mind when thinking of edible wedding favors are chocolate wedding favors. And this is true with good reason. Chocolate is not only great tasting, but it is readily available in almost any shape you desire. You can have chocolate wedding bells, chocolate wedding arches, chocolate hearts, chocolate bride and grooms, chocolate wedding coins, chocolate cookies, chocolate bouquets, and even chocolate cupids.

Fortune cookies are quickly becoming one of the most popular of all edible wedding favors. Fortune cookie wedding favors are very inexpensive and have an entertainment value. You can have the fortunes personalized for the wedding or go with ready-made fortune cookies wedding favors. Some fortune cookie wedding favors aren?t even edible. Want to give away brass fortune cookie wedding favors?

Some of the other classic edible wedding favors are heart-shaped mints, personalized honey jars, chocolate bars with inscriptions or thematic wedding designs, decorative tea bags, gourmet coffee, fruit baskets, miniature wedding cake cookies, Jordan almonds and personalized candy tins.

Some of the more creative new ideas for edible wedding favors include hard candy bouquets, bride and groom shaped jelly candies, bubble gum brides and grooms, coffee candy wedding cakes, and gingerbread roses.

As you can see edible wedding favors are common and well accepted. Yet they come in many shapes and varieties so that you can still have unique edible wedding favors to match the tone of your unique wedding.

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