Traditional Ways to Package Your Wedding Favors

When planning a traditional wedding, don't overlook the presentation of your wedding favors. The right wedding favor packaging can add a touch of elegance to your wedding. In addition to reinforcing your wedding's style, your wedding favor packaging will preserve your wedding favors and make them memorable keepsakes for your guests.

When it comes to wedding favor packaging, boxes immediately come to mind. Wedding favor boxes come in different styles (e.g., clear top, printed, made from recycled paper, to-go boxes), sizes (flat, tall, wide) and shapes (square, round, rectangular, hexagonal). They are also easy to find and most stores that specialize in wedding accessories have varieties of wedding favor boxes you can choose from. A few wedding favors that are best packaged in wedding favor boxes are: gourmet cookies, individually wrapped chocolates, delicate figurines, fans, bracelets and cufflinks, coasters, miniature wedding cakes and soaps.

One of the most time-tested ways of packaging a wedding favor is to wrap it. There are many wedding favors that are presented best by wrapping, instead of hiding their attractiveness inside a box. Wedding favor wrappers come in varieties. Some of them are tulle, sheer organza bags, Japanese paper and sinamay. Tying the wedding favor wrapping with a ribbon and attaching a tag usually produces simple but elegant wedding favors. A few wedding favors that are best packaged in wedding favor wrappings are: Jordan almonds, potpourri, fortune cookies and wine bottles.

Wedding favor bottles are another popular wedding favor packaging. Bottles and jars are easy to decorate and they are inexpensive too when bought in bulk. Wedding favor bottles come in many shapes and sizes that can complement any wedding favor. Wedding favor bottles can be plastic or glass, transparent or opaque, clear or colored. A few wedding favors that are best packaged in wedding favor bottles are: multi-colored pillow mints, scented liquid soaps and bath salts, coffee grounds or beans, fruit preserves and miniature champagne cider.

Choosing the right wedding favor packaging for your wedding favors will enhance the beauty and charm of your wedding favors. So take great care when choosing the wedding favor packaging.

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