Creative Wedding Favors that Fit Your Dream Wedding

So you're about to plan a wedding? You're dreaming of the perfect wedding. Someone says to you, "Snap out of it, you've got a wedding to plan." Don't listen to that person! Well, at least not entirely. You do need to plan a wedding, but your dreaminess can be the asset that makes it the perfect wedding. Hold on to your imagination for a moment longer as you seek the creative wedding favor that will fit your dream.

Explore your ideal wedding in your mind. What do you see? What is the theme? Who is there with you? Where is your wedding?

Now while you're contemplating these questions, ask yourself: What little wedding favor will bring it all together like the perfect last note of a great romantic ballad?

Bear with me a moment longer. Hold on to that ambiance. Don't lose grasp of that wedding ideal. Now use that ideal created in your mind to think of the perfect creative wedding favor.

It sounds mystic, but really it is not so. The secret to a great wedding favor is to explore your creativity to come up with a creative wedding favor. A creative wedding favor is thematic. It has a purpose. It creates a memory from a mood.

What is the mood of your wedding? Is it a cultural wedding? Is it an ethnic wedding? Is it a religious wedding? What customs are involved in your ideal wedding?

Now, the creative wedding favor is simple. It is the culmination of your answers to the above questions. The creative wedding favor is simply small-scale symbols of your wedding theme.

For instance, if your wedding is a nature wedding, then your creative wedding favors might be mini wreaths of flowers or pine trees key chains.

If it is a Catholic wedding, then your creative wedding favors might be some symbols of your faith such as a cross attached to a prayer card.

If it is a festive wedding, your creative wedding favors might be balloons with pictures of you and your bride/groom.

If it is a formal, romantic wedding, your creative wedding favors could be framed pictures with signed wedding vows.

You get the picture. Your creative wedding favor is whatever that matches the wedding you've always dreamed would be yours.

Copyright Andrea R Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.