Soap Wedding Favor Ideas

Many wedding traditions are laden with symbols of cleanliness, from the well "groomed" groom to the bride wearing white. So it seems to make sense that one of the most popular of wedding favors are the soap wedding favors.

Soap wedding favors aren't typically as one might imagine, a bar of soap. Although, engraved bars of soap do make excellent soap wedding favors. Soap wedding favors are more typically decorative luxury soaps.

Some of the nicer soap wedding favors are flower shaped soaps. These flower-shaped soaps often come in a variety of colors. They can come as a lot in clear circular boxes or in heart shaped boxes. Roses are by far the most popular of flower-shaped soap wedding favors. Tulips and lilacs are also fairly popular soap shapes.

Another common soap wedding favors are liquid soaps in customized bottles. The bottles come in all shapes and sizes, but elegance is a must when making your selection. These soaps are more commonly bath soaps than hand soaps. They can easily be confused with lotion wedding favors if not well marked.

In the last decade, many varieties of unique soap wedding favors have emerged. Nowadays you can have custom soap wedding favors made in about any shape, from rubber duck soaps to bride and groom soaps. I have recently seen wedding favors such as wedding cake soaps (don't eat them), moon and stars soaps, seashell soaps, and rope soaps. But many of the classic wedding favor hard soaps are still available such as heart soaps, marble bubble bath soaps, and painted wreath soaps.

Soaps are an excellent way to let your wedding guests take home a memento. They may not last long, but soap wedding favors will be appreciated by your guests. Choose the soap that goes with your wedding theme and you'll have a winning soap wedding favor.

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