Flower Wedding Favor Ideas

Flower Wedding Favor Ideas

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For couples who seek to have a wedding filled with nature's delicate beauty, flower wedding favors are a must. Flower wedding favors are highly regarded because they can provide both a sweet smell and a beautiful sight without detracting from the wedding theme. There are flower wedding favors for just about every kind of wedding.

Calla lilies are popular among wedding flowers. Why not incorporate this in your flower wedding favors? Give away candleholders or votives with calla lily designs. Calla lily shaped scented soaps also make delightful and decorative flower wedding favors.

Pressed flowers in placecard holders, bookmarks and stickers make attractive flower wedding favors. Many shops specializing in wedding favors and accessories offer favor containers like paper bags with real pressed flower designs. If you simply like to add a flower motif to your wedding favors, attach real or imitation flowers, pressed flowers or flower stickers to your wedding favor holders.

Magenta orchid and pansy flowers are great inspirations for colorful flower wedding favors like tea light candles and floating candles. Place magenta or pansy tea light wedding favors in clear top boxes and finish with sheer organza ribbon. They can also be placed in votive holders and wrapped in clear cellophane.

If you have the time, skill or resources (e.g., someone in your family who can help you out), handmade blooming pin cushion sachets are stylish flower wedding favors. Create pin cushion is created from silk and decorated with fabric flowers.

A creative flower wedding favor is a flowerpot filled with flower shaped chocolates in bloom. With the help of a skillful and imaginative chef, these flower wedding favors are a sure hit among the guests.

Perfect favors for garden and outdoor weddings are flower seed and seed packets. Place the flower seeds in cards shaped like a heart or in envelopes.

Other flower wedding favor ideas are: pressed wildflower bookmarks, butter knives with rose handles, candies and chocolates in colorful floral purses, real flowers in flowerpots, liquid soaps in floral scents, decorative calla lily soaps and mint tins with floral designs.

If you like flowers, you won't have any difficulty finding a flower wedding favor that will suit your wedding. On the contrary, you may find difficulty in choosing among the varied flower wedding favor choices.

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