Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

It is no mystery in our culture why personalized wedding favors are so beloved by guests. It is often said that the best gift you can give is the gift you make with your own hands. It follows, then, that the second best gift must be the one that symbolizes the gift giver or the gift giver's relationship with the gift receiver. To add a personal touch to each guest's wedding experience, consider personalized wedding favors.

Playing cards are great items to personalize. For unique and fun personalized wedding favors, put pictures of the bride and groom in place of the queen and king of hearts. Use aluminum or plastic containers to hold the cards. Personalize each deck of cards by placing sticker thank-you tags with a brief message from the newlyweds, their names and the wedding date.

Magnets are also items can be personalized in many ways. Picture magnets are one way. They can have a photo of the couple, scenery or a wedding symbol. Calendar magnets are also popular and can be personalized. They are useful as well as decorative personalized wedding favors.

Items that can be engraved are also unique personalized wedding favors. Have the newlywed couple's names and the wedding date engraved on silverplated bottle openers and stoppers, soap or candy dishes, decorative soaps, champagne glasses, paperweights and picture frames.

For linen or cloth wedding favors, consider having them embroidered to add a personal touch. Wedding favor containers or holders made of cloth or soft material can be personalized by embroidering them with the couples' names and wedding date. Picture of the bride and groom can be printed on the cloth. For a special touch, some couples put picture collages on fine linen napkins.

With such good ideas available for personalizing your wedding favors, there are few good excuses not to personalize your wedding favors for your guests. Personalized wedding favors can give your wedding guests a personal wedding that they'll remember fondly for years.

Copyright Andrea R Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.