Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

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Many say fall weddings are the most beautiful. Red, gold and orange provide a colorful and natural backdrop for many outdoor, garden or nature inspired weddings. Fall's rich colors exude a heady sense of romance. Thus, fall weddings tend to have great impact because they are often the most imaginative, from the decorations down to the food and wedding favors. Unique fall wedding favors leave fond memories for everyone, not only for the newlywed couples.

The best way to start when you're trying to come up with the perfect fall wedding favor is to observe the colors of fall. Go out and notice the leaves, the trees, the surroundings. Red, gold, orange, brown, burgundy and plum are perfect fall colors you can incorporate to your fall wedding favors.

Also, try to think of the usual things associated with fall. The things that come to mind are food. Personalized cider packets in plum colored paper bags or boxes tied with red and gold raffia will delight anyone. Gift each guest with fall soup recipe booklets. Or you can give them homemade jams or jellies in jars topped with burgundy raffia.

How about crystal pears or apples for fall wedding favors? These fruits are abundant in the fall, and they provide inspiration for a variety of fall wedding favors: soap dish with pears and apples designs, pears and apples preserves, apple or pear shaped chocolates and candies, pear plastic containers or holders, key chains, paperweights and salt and pepper shakers in the shape of pears and apples. Include an apple or pear recipe booklet in every fall fruits baskets you give to your guests.

Aside from fruits, leaves are great sources of fall wedding favor ideas. How about leaf-shaped chocolates wrapped in red, gold and orange foil? Or leaf-shaped soap or candy dish? Sugar confection in the shapes and colors of leaves in the fall can be created by a skillful chef and make your wedding guests' eyes light up in wonder.

Now that you're in the fall wedding frame of mind, sit down and list possible fall wedding favors for your own fall wedding. Whatever comes to mind is the right fall wedding favor for you.

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