Whimsical, Magical Butterfly Wedding Favors

Among theme weddings, butterfly theme weddings are one of the most popular. Releasing butterflies instead of showering the couple with rice at the end of the ceremony is done to create a more dramatic and magical atmosphere to a special day. The butterflies create a wonderful flurry of colors, grace and beauty.

The butterfly theme can be easily added into any wedding. You don't have to have a butterfly theme wedding in order to incorporate butterflies! If you love butterflies, you can use butterfly motifs in your invitations. For your outdoor wedding, you can have a wedding cake with butterfly icing. You can have a butterfly applique on your gown. Your wedding entourage can have a butterfly motif on them - a butterfly brooch or pin on the women, butterfly tie pins on the men.

If you wish to share with your guests the magic and feeling of freedom butterflies seem to evoke, the best way to do it is by giving them butterfly wedding favors.

For favor boxes, replace boring ribbons with monarch butterflies. Because of the growing popularity of butterfly theme weddings, many companies have added a butterfly line. You can have colorful monarch butterflies created and set to enhance your wedding favor boxes. Because of their uniqueness and attractiveness, though, the monarch butterflies can stand as the butterfly wedding favors themselves.

For a whimsical and playful touch, give your guests butterfly bubbles. Or you can give them miniature tin pails stenciled with butterfly designs. Go ahead and fill those pails with dainty butterfly shaped chocolates.

Take your cue from those snow globes - why not give your guests butterfly globes? They're the kind of butterfly wedding favors that guests are sure to keep and treasure.

Other butterfly-inspired wedding favors are: butterfly key chains, cookie cutters in various butterfly shapes, butterfly charms, butterfly-shaped scented candles and soaps, butterfly cookies and miniature cakes, butterfly cuff links for the men and butterfly hair pins for the women, butterfly cork stopper, and mugs with butterfly designs on them.

Incorporating butterflies in your wedding, especially in wedding favors, is a great way to create a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

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