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Western Cowboy Hat Favor Containers

Western Cowboy Hat Favor Containers

$11.99 a set of 12.

Western Wedding Favors

Western Wedding Favors

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Fascinated by the Wild West? An avid fan of Bonanza and Gunsmoke? Many couples are going for Western-style weddings. Not only are they fun to plan, Western weddings provide ample opportunity to learn about the Wild West. A Western theme is most appropriate for outdoor weddings - whether it's just right in your backyard or at a state park.

For Western wedding favors, take your cue from anything associated with the Wild West -- spurs, cowboy hats, boots, horseshoes, cactus plants, cow bells, wild horses, tumbleweeds, bandannas, lassoes, wagon wheels, bales of hay, country music, and square dancing.

Horseshoes are popular Western items. Why not create Western wedding favors out of horseshoes? Give away horseshoe key chains nestled in hay inside small favor boxes. Tie a string around the boxes and attach miniature cow bells.

Chocolates or cookies shaped like spurs make great edible Western wedding favors. Place the chocolates or cookies inside textured drawstring pouches.

Share with your guests your love of country music. Compile your favorite country songs and burn them in CDs, or have the CDs professionally replicated. If you are using country music throughout your Western wedding ceremony, put those songs in a CD collection and personalize the CDs for your wedding guests.

Refrigerator magnets, coasters and bookmarks never go out of style. Try Western motifs like horses, horseshoe, cactus, and cowboy hats on refrigerator magnets, coasters, bookmarks, and even on common household items like napkin holders, saucers, penholders and paperweights.

  1. Recipes never go out of style either. So collect those Old West or Wild West recipes and put them all in a booklet. You can easily find these recipes online. Produce your own Wild West recipe booklet and give them as Western wedding favors.

  2. Potted cactus plants also make great Western wedding favors. Cactus plants are easy to care for. Miniature cowboy hats that double as favor holder for chocolates, mints or cookies make for attractive and fun Western wedding favors.

These are only a few suggestions. With a little creativity, you can come up with Western wedding favors that will make your guests go "Yeeeee-haaaww!"

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