Cinderella Wedding Favors

Cinderella Wedding Favors

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For many girls, Cinderella represents the ultimate romantic dream. With the help of a fairy godmother, Cinderella is transformed from a girl in tattered clothes into a beautiful princess who steals the heart of a prince. With nothing but the glass slipper she leaves behind to help him, the prince goes on to search for the girl whose foot would fit the slipper. The rest, as we all know, is history - or shall we say, a happy ending.

It is no surprise that the popularity of Cinderella has extended to weddings - from decorations to favors. Some of the most popular wedding mementos today are Cinderella wedding favors.

The most popular Cinderella symbols are the glass slipper and the pumpkin. From these symbols, an array of Cinderella wedding favors can be based on - glass slipper bottle openers, silver plated glass slipper key chains, crystal glass slipper paperweights, pumpkin-shaped scented candles or decorative soaps, crystal pumpkin paperweights, pumpkin miniature carriages and more.

For whimsy and charming Cinderella wedding favors, head images of Cinderella and the prince can be printed on a variety of wedding favor items such as pillar or votive candles, cookies, chocolates, mint tins, personalized tea or coffee bags, bottled lotion, liquid bath soaps or bath salts, napkin holders, coasters, CD jewel cases. Cinderella icons can also be engraved on bottle stoppers or openers, penholders and ornaments.

Chocolate truffles in the shape of a mouse make great and fun Cinderella wedding favors. So, too, are flashlights with Cinderella designs. Miniature cake toppers in the shape of a fairy tale castle are Cinderella wedding favors your wedding guests will be proud to display on their desks or adorn their tabletops.

Cinderella wedding favors come in many adorable and attractive forms that will delight your wedding guests. Cinderella wedding favors will give your wedding day a magical fairy tale happily ever after ending.

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