Garden Themed Wedding Favors

Garden Themed Wedding Favors

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Outdoor weddings are popular. Nature lends itself as a spectacular wedding backdrop. Among the various kinds of outdoor weddings, garden weddings are a favorite. Gardens are great venues to share I do's.

A wedding is a public declaration of a couple's promise to love and cherish each other. It is an event wherein guests witness a couple's exchange of vows. It's a special day that a couple shares with people who matter to them. Wedding favors are a newlywed couple's way of expressing their gratitude to their guests. The kind of wedding favor given to guests usually depends on the theme of the wedding. For a garden wedding, garden wedding favors can be anything from plants, flowers and things found in a garden to things that can be given a "garden" twist.

Think garden and these things come to mind right away: flowers, swans, fountains, trees, bees, butterflies, birds and pebbles.

Into crafts? Potpourri out of flower petals make dainty garden wedding favors. Wrap potpourri in tulle or netted bag and place it in miniature pails or watering cans. Handcrafted picture frames borders covered with dried flower petals make attractive, not to mention functional, garden wedding favors

Two garden wedding favor ideas using the flower or leaf theme are letter openers and bottle stoppers with flower or leaf-designed handles.

Allow your wedding guests to take a piece of the garden with them with garden-in-a-basket wedding favors. Fill baskets with seed packets, potpourri, a pair of swan figurines, butterfly chocolates, bee cookies and a couple of flower-shaped cookie cutters. An alternative to baskets are miniature watering cans or pails.

Miniature wedding cakes with butterfly and flower designs are garden wedding favors that are sure to get snapped up. You can also give your guests custom-made flower or leaf-shaped scented soaps or rose ball candle favors..

For decorative as well as functional garden wedding favors, try frog or swan paperweights, votive candle holders with daisy designs, and a set of coasters decorated with a rose, leaf or butterfly.

It's up to you how much you want to spend for your garden wedding favors, but whatever you do, make sure your guests know how grateful you are for their presence.

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