Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

You get what you pay for, right? Well, that depends on your definition of "pay". If "pay" is to be considered the sum efforts of what you put into something, then yes, you generally get what you "pay" for in the real world. However, if "pay" is to be considered how much cash you outlay, then no, you can get a lot without paying much money.

In terms of wedding favors, you can come up with some great wedding favors without spending a lot of money if you will only take the time and put in the effort to come up with a creative plan.

Great wedding favors are any wedding favors that provoke fond thoughts and memories that last a long time in your guests' minds. A cheap wedding favor that accomplishes this will do far more to leave a lasting, good impression of your wedding than an expensive wedding favor that doesn't evoke any emotional response.

There are an infinite number of cheap wedding favors you can provide to your guests, but I will just present you with a few examples here, ranging in price from $0.10 to $1.30 each, to get your imagination going. It is up to you to match up the right inexpensive wedding favor with the tone you wish to set for the wedding you are planning.

You can place your wedding picture in thematic frames. Check your local discount or clearance stores for inexpensive frames you can buy in bulk. On the other hand, if you've got the artistic flair and the time, you can create the frames yourself.

You can also try going for thematic necklaces or bracelets. Again, with a little patience, you'll be able to find these cheap in local discount of clearance stores.

Personalized, decorative thank-you cards are easy to create nowadays. You'll find great deals on acid-free paper in discount or clearance stores for your thank-you cards. If you're computer-savvy (or you know anyone who is), all you need is a publications program like MS Publisher or Adobe Pagemaker. They have templates you can use.

Bath oils in small, decorative bottles can be gotten inexpensively but they are great decorative cheap wedding favors. So are candles. You can get them for as low as 50 cents each.

Another useful but cheap wedding favors are picture magnets, magnetic notecards and magnetic calendars. Sites like and offer magnetic products for as low as 18 cents each.

Candies never go out of style. No matter what the occasion, candies are great giveaways. Thus, they make great cheap wedding favors. Combine multi-colored candies and wrap them in tulle or place them in small purses, tin or transparent plastic box. You can buy bags of assorted candies for cheap at discount or wholesale stores.

Choose the cheap wedding favor that best combines the essence of the bride and groom and matches your wedding theme. You'll have achieved the ambiance you're seeking for your wedding, and your guests won't soon forget!

Copyright Andrea R Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.