Italian Wedding Favors

Destination weddings can be in an exotic island like Barbados, in a castle in Scotland, in a beach in Waikiki or in scenic Italy. Destination weddings usually demand big budgets. However, you can still add a touch of "destination" to your wedding, even if it's only going to be in your backyard. To add a spirit of Italy to your own wedding, try giving your guests Italian wedding favors.

The bomboniere (confetti) is an Italian wedding favor that is spreading throughout the world. Italian wedding receptions are not complete without the newlywed couple giving away bomboniere to their wedding guests. Bomboniere consist of candy-covered almonds. These candy-covered almonds are placed and tied in mesh bags. A typical bomboniere has five almonds, each symbolizing wealth, health, happiness, fertility and long life.

Italians consider some foods lucky, and these foods typically make their way on the Italian wedding banquet. For Italian wedding favors, give your guests any of these lucky food: sugar-coated fried dough twists called wanda, and almond candies. Wrap them in tulle or place them in tin boxes and you've got Italian wedding favors that are hard to resist.

When one thinks of Italy, pasta and cappuccino immediately come to mind. Multi-colored pasta noodles in clear jars make eye fetching Italian wedding favors. Cappuccino-flavored candies, chocolates and cookies will appeal to your guests' taste buds. A collection of quick and easy to prepare Italian recipes are useful.

Ancient Romans broke loaves of wheat bread over the heads of the newlywed couple as a way of hoping for a fertile and happy life. Give your guests small loaves of wheat bread as Italian wedding favors.

Let your guests feast on the scenic beauty of Italy. Compile photographs of historic, scenic and tourist spots around Italy and either print these photos out or place the images in CDs. If you go with the former, add trivia and facts about Italy to transform it into a small guide booklet. If you go with the latter, Italian music or songs will complement the photos.

Whether you have it in an Italian castle or in your backyard, a sure way you can add an Italian touch to your wedding is by giving guests memorable Italian wedding favors.

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