Seashell Wedding Favors

For many people the sea is a symbol of immense romantic grandeur and crashing waves are the essence of musical beauty. The sea represents both the vastness and beauty of nature. The creatures of the sea are seen as both mystical and marvelous. It is no wonder that the sea has inspired several wedding themes (beach, nautical, Hawaiian, tropical). Nor is it any wonder that one of the most beloved wedding favors of all time is the seashell wedding favor.

Leave your guests a piece of the sea with candles inside real seashells. These seashell wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to guests.

Seashell salt and pepper wedding favors are functional yet attractive seashell wedding favors. Your guests will always remember the great time they had at your wedding reception every time they reach for the salt and pepper shaker.

Delight your wedding guests with seashell keepsake wedding favor boxes. These silver plated seashell wedding favor boxes can be the favors or they can hold your wedding favor inside. Surprise your guests with an exquisite giant pearl inside made from white chocolate.

Silver plated pewter shell place card holders can double as paperweights, decorative and functional seashell wedding favors. These seashell wedding favors add a touch of elegance and class to any wedding.

If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, you can create your own seashell wedding favors. Buy a pack of glassine envelopes, collect seashells and choose a matching ribbon for your wedding. Put assorted seashells in glassine envelopes. Seal the envelopes by gluing a ribbon bow on it and then gluing a shell in the center of the bow.

Make sure your seashell wedding favors add to you and your guests? enjoyment of the wedding. Weddings with a sea theme already have natural beauty and elegance. So when you have a sea wedding theme, you don't have to worry as much about choosing the most elegant or unique wedding favor. You only have to provide a fitting symbol of your sea theme and they will remember the wedding's beauty and elegance.

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