Wedding Favor Ribbon to Accentuate Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favor ribbons come in many styles. The main thing to consider when choosing your wedding favor ribbons, or even whether to use wedding favor ribbons, is how they will accentuate your wedding favor's decorative style.

Below are 10 wedding favor ribbons:

  1. Curling ribbon - A curling ribbon is best used for attaching personalized bows and ribbons to wedding favors. This wedding favor ribbon is versatile and cheap too. For less than $6, a 500-yard roll of curling ribbon is more than enough for hundreds of favors.

  2. Gingham ribbon - You can instantly add color and life to your wedding favors with gingham ribbon. Gingham ribbon comes in various checkered colors that can match any wedding theme. A roll (25 yards) of gingham ribbon costs about $18.

  3. Grosgrain ribbon - Grosgrain ribbon is finely woven and made of satin thread. This wedding favor ribbon is an all-around ribbon and comes in various colors. A roll (100 yards) of grosgrain ribbon costs about $16.

  4. Jute ribbon - This wedding favor ribbon makes a great tie for decorative and attractive wedding favors. Use jute to attach charms, wedding bells or tags to wedding favors that come in bottles, boxes, pouches or wrappings. A 100-yard roll of jute costs as low as $6.

  5. Organza ribbon - If you're after ease-of-use, this wedding favor ribbon provides the perfect finishing touch to your wedding favors. For better ribbon shapes, choose organza ribbon with a monofilament edge. A roll (25 yards) of organza ribbon costs about $12.

  6. Raffia ribbon - When you don?t have a lot of options for a wedding favor accent, go with raffia. This wedding favor ribbon is great for all types of wrapping. A roll (100 yards) of paper raffia costs about $8.

  7. Sheer ribbon - This wedding favor ribbon is one of the more popular choices among wedding favor accents. It is soft to the touch and easy to tie. A roll (100 yards) of sheer ribbon costs about $40.

  8. Swiss satin ribbon - This wedding favor ribbon is soft and provides an elegant finish to wedding favors that come boxed. You can get a roll (27 yards) of Swiss satin ribbon for about $15.

  9. Velvet velour ribbon - Velvet velour ribbon is soft and adds a touch of elegance and style to wedding favor boxes and wraps. Imported from Switzerland, a roll (11 yards) of this wedding favor ribbon costs about $10.

  10. Tulle ribbon - For the budget conscious, use tulle ribbon to decorate your wedding favors. This wedding favor ribbon is inexpensive yet is able to give an attractive finish to any wedding favor. A roll (25 yards) of tulle ribbon costs about $5

There are many more wedding favor ribbons but these are ten of the more popular ones. Similar to the great care you take when choosing the perfect wedding favor to make your wedding memorable to your guests, so too should you take great care when choosing the perfect ribbon to accentuate your wedding favors.

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