Seed and Seed Packet Wedding Favors

Sometimes, the best weddings are not the most expensive or most elegant. Some couples prefer a simple wedding with a focus on nature and new life. For these couples, a seed is the most emphatic symbol of their new life together. Naturally, the perfect wedding favors they can give to their wedding guests are seed and seed packet wedding favors.

Flowers are the obvious choice for seed packet wedding favors. This is probably because we tend to associate flowers with the blossoming of love. California golden poppies, wildflowers, morning glories, forget-me-nots and daisies are among the more popular seed packet wedding favors.

Don't overlook vegetables as seed wedding favors. Many people enjoy gardening. In fact, gardening is one of the fast-growing American activities today. Vegetables are an excellent representation of spring. However, be careful if you choose vegetable seed packet wedding favors that you can tie in with your wedding theme. Merely giving out vegetable seeds to your guests without explanation will leave them confused.

Aside from flower and vegetable seeds, evergreen seeds make lasting favors. Trees have long been regarded as a symbol of strength and long life. Share your hope for a long life to your guests by giving them evergreen seed wedding favors. They can plant a tree in your honor and watch it grow over time.

Seed packets come in many shapes and styles. There are wedding bell or heart-shaped seed packets. Seed packets can be made of paper, ribbon, net or even silver tins. Seed packets can also be decorated with personalized messages or wedding symbols.

As you can see there is a lot of variety for those who seek to do seed wedding favors. If you can find a seed or seed packet wedding favor to match your wedding theme, seeds can add a natural beauty to your wedding.

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