Calla Lily Wedding Favors: Elegance in Simplicity

Calla Lily Wedding Favors: Elegance in Simplicity

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It was during the Victorian era that flowers began to have their own language. In 1829, a woman named Victoria Wirt created and wrote a dictionary that contained the meanings of flowers. This enabled the men in those days to express their affection to the women they loved through the language of flowers.

This language of flowers extended to the bridal bouquet. Brides have carried wedding bouquets even before Victoria Wirt came up with flower meanings. In Queen Victoria?s wedding in 1849, white flowers - particularly roses and lilies - became popular flowers for wedding bouquets. They symbolized purity, joy and love. Calla lilies, when bunched together, create a strikingly dramatic effect.

Of the flower theme weddings, calla lily weddings appear to be one of the most popular. From wedding invitations down to the wedding reception decorations, calla lilies are incorporated. The calla lily?s quiet simplicity gives any wedding an elegant atmosphere. And you can extend this quiet and simple elegance to your wedding favors.

Calla lily pen sets are not only functional, they are decorative as well. Your guests won?t easily forget or discard those wedding favors! Another calla lily wedding favor that would be hard to discard are calla lily frames. Yet another functional and decorative calla lily wedding favors are white coasters with an image of calla lilies embossed in silver, or try personalized wedding napkins with a lovely calla lilly printed in a matching color. Even matchbooks or small notepad wedding favors can be decorated with this design.

For truly scrumptious calla lily wedding favors, try mini calla lily chocolate flowers. Calla lily inspired miniature cake tops are great calla lily wedding favors to give to your guests. Cookies shaped like calla lilies and coated with white chocolate are calla lily wedding favors that guests won?t be able to resist.

There are many ways you can have a simple but elegant and memorable wedding. One way to accomplish this is by incorporating calla lilies in your wedding, particularly in giving away calla lily wedding favors your guests will cherish.

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