Asian Wedding Favor Ideas

Asian Wedding Favor Ideas

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Asian weddings, such as Hindu weddings, can last several days. Wedding traditions and practices are usually based on religious beliefs and involve elaborate preparations that take days.

Your Asian-theme wedding doesn't have to be a long and hectic affair, though! You can simply choose to incorporate a few Asian wedding practices in the wedding ceremony, and give your guests an Asian-inspired wedding reception. One way to do it is through Asian wedding favors. Here are some Asian wedding favors to consider:

  1. Chopsticks are common Asian wedding favors, especially for couples with Chinese roots. However, give it a new spin. Instead of giving your guests just chopsticks to take home with them, give them a bowl and noodles too. Find and buy inexpensive bowls and noodle packs by bulk. If you can't find any that fit your budget, give away noodles recipe booklets with the chopsticks.

  2. Fortune cookies are popular in conveying goodwill. Wish your guests good fortune by giving away fortune cookies as your Asian wedding favors. However, instead of giving away plain fortune cookies, give away customized ones, such as Cappuccino-flavored fortune cookies. Fortune cookies in raspberry, lemon, orange or cherry flavors are certain to make an impression. There are shops both online and offline that can create these kinds of fortune cookies for as low as $35 per 100 fortune cookies.

  3. Bamboo is an integral part of Japanese culture. It has eked its way into Japanese culture, such as in tea ceremonies and art of flower arrangement, and many believe that the bamboo plant brings good luck. Give your guests small potted bamboo plants for Asian wedding favors. Personalize it by attaching a message that conveys good luck and prosperity to your guests.

  4. Tape - fermented sticky rice or cassava - is a popular Indonesian dessert, and can be great Asian wedding favors. Give your guests cassava cakes to take home with them. Place them in small boxes with batik designs. In Indonesia, batik is a popular form of textile art.

  5. According to Japanese legend, the crane symbolizes peace and long life. For your Asian wedding favors, give your guests custom crane charms - these can be either bracelets they can wear, ones that they can hang on a wall or doorway or ones that they can attach to a key chain. If custom crane charms are a little beyond your budget, have crane-shaped chocolates made instead.

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