Handmade Wedding Favors for Long Lasting Wedding Memories

Handmade Wedding Favors for Long Lasting Wedding Memories

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Handmade wedding favors are considered by many to be one of the most rewarding parts of wedding planning. A well thought-out handmade wedding favor is of far more sentimental and conversational value to wedding guests than even the most elegant and expensive of wedding favors. Above all, a handmade wedding favor is something that is as unique as the hands that prepare it and the thoughts that conceive it.

One of the main allures to handmade wedding favors is that even if you try to make them all the same, they each tend to have their own little unique flaws or characteristics. For this reason, the more difficult to replicate and more variable the result, the more precious the wedding favor will be to your guests. That is not to say that you should not purchase your handmade wedding favors from a wedding boutique, just don't tell the guests. Leave them wondering where you got it, unless you made it yourself. In that case, tell everyone you made it and they'll all cherish it.

If you are an artsy type of person, handmade bride and groom teddy bears are great handmade wedding favors. However, if you are not so artsy, there are still many good ideas for handmade wedding favors you can consider:

  • Wedding thank-you cards made from handmade or recycled paper
  • Scented potpourri in a net
  • Crocheted favors such as purses, pouches or cellphone holders
  • Bead necklaces or bracelets
  • Scented soaps

Whatever idea you come up with for your handmade wedding favors, the main thing to consider is how they will reflect to guests you and your future spouse?s personality. If the handmade wedding favors are made personally by the bride and groom, the handmade wedding favors will add more value to the wedding memories for all. But above all, have fun with it and try to do something unique with your handmade wedding favors.

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