CD Wedding Favors

CD Wedding Favors

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With the low cost of blank CDs coupled with how easy and quick it is to burn them right from one's own computer, it is not surprising that personalized CDs are becoming popular wedding favors.

Aside from being inexpensive to produce, CD wedding favors serve as tangible mementos that document a most special day. With CD wedding favors, you can combine images, music and voice to create a gift that wedding guests won't easily forget or discard.

Your CD wedding favors can be a collection of songs. It can consist of songs used all throughout your wedding, or it can consist of songs that have sentimental value to you and your bride/groom. It can also consist of music that complements your wedding theme. If you?re having a Christmas or winter wedding, your CD wedding favors can be a collection of Christmas songs. For a nature or garden wedding, a collection of nature sounds or instrumental music make perfect CD wedding favors.

If you wish to go beyond the music, your CD wedding favors can be a mix of video, music and narration. You can include photos of you and your bride/groom. You can even take a video of you and your partner and give a speech at the beginning of the CD thanking your guests.

Still more unique and novel CD wedding favors can be CDs containing information in audio or video. Are you incorporating butterflies in your wedding? Why not create your own version of a butterfly documentary? You can take videos or pictures of the different butterflies and give a narration of each. Include facts and stories about butterflies. This is a great way to share information and have your guests learn something new!

For packaging your CD wedding favors, you can put each CD in jewel cases and print labels. You can even personalize the CD labels or place sticker labels on them with the name of each guest printed there.

If pressed for time, you can always outsource the production of your CD wedding favors. Create and burn a master copy of your wedding favor CD and then take it to a professional CD replicator. You can even get a discount for volume orders.

Whether you produce the CD wedding favors yourself or you hire a professional to do it for you, CD wedding favors are great souvenirs your guests will always cherish and remember your wedding by.

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