Picture Frame Wedding Favors

Picture Frame Wedding Favors

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Picture frame wedding favors are one of the most sentimental and guest-beloved mementos available. While the centerpiece of a picture frame wedding favor is generally a picture of the bride and groom and/or a personalized message from the bride and groom, the most important consideration is matching the wedding frame to the occasion. If the picture frame fits the theme of the wedding and will remind guests of the wedding, it can be said to be a great wedding favor.

The majority of picture frame wedding favors are in the shape of a heart, but that doesn't mean there is a lack of variety. Heart-shaped picture frames can themselves come in many varieties to fit the mood of any wedding. Some examples of the unique picture frame wedding favors I've seen lately are a heart with wheels, a necklace, a key-chain, and a heart with rose petals. However, in some cases a plain heart may be of more elegance, rather than of gimmick.

A few other picture frame wedding favor examples deserve mention. Wedding bells make for very beautiful and elegant picture frame wedding favors. Picture frame napkin rings can be beautiful wedding decorations that double as wedding favors, if you find an elegant way to let your guests know they can keep them. If time and money are not a major concern, a flat or platter silver frame with personalized messages engraved from the bride and groom will keep your guests talking about the wedding for years. Decorative picture frame wedding favors can be very fitting for themed weddings.

Picture frame wedding favors have a long-lasting impact on wedding guests. They are generally the first choice for a couple looking for that long-lasting sentimental impact. There are many picture frame varieties available to choose from to fit most weddings so take great care when choosing your picture frame wedding favors.

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