Wine Wedding Favor Ideas

Wine Wedding Favor Ideas

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Do you want a stylish wedding? Do you want your wedding to say, "Nothing is too good for my bride/groom"? Is your wedding theme centered on elegance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might wish to take a moment to consider wine wedding favors.

Wine wedding favors can simply mean fine wines if you've got a high-budget wedding, or simple fine wine decorations if you are looking to be a little more cost conscious. There are many less obvious varieties of wine wedding favors available today, so let's take a look at some of them now.

Wine bottle stoppers are the most popular wine wedding favors right now. You can find wine bottle stoppers in the shape of anything from a bride and groom wine bottle stopper set to a crystal rose wine bottle stopper to a golden golf tee wine bottle stopper. Bottle stoppers come in a variety of materials as well. There are rubber wine stoppers, glass wine stoppers, brass wine stoppers, silver wine stoppers, and good ole fashioned wine cork.

You can also get wine bottle openers as your wine wedding favors. These can be as unique as a silver key-chain tennis racket wine bottle opener or as broad as a heart shape wine bottle opener.

If you want your wedding to be remembered as a beautiful, elegant occasion forever, how about giving your guests engraved silver wine goblets? Or, if that's too expensive, how about a silver lettered wine glass? Or, give them a gift they can use again and again without too much silver polish and dish soap: a customized wine coaster.

Wine wedding favors come in many forms. Find the form that fits the image of your wedding. And when you do, you will have achieved a wedding with "style" written all over it.

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