Cake Wedding Favor Ideas

Cake Wedding Favor Ideas

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Cake is as much a centerpiece of the modern wedding festivities as a man in a tuxedo or a bride in a white dress is. When your guests come to the wedding reception, they expect to see some cake. However, the traditional wedding cake doesn't have to be the only cake your guests will be delighted to see. Nothing puts the look of glee in your wedding guests? faces like cake wedding favors can.

The traditional wedding cake is white, tiered, and comes in butter cream frosting. If this is the kind of wedding cake you'll have at your wedding reception, then the perfect and cake wedding favors are miniatures of your wedding cake. A skilled chef will be able to create replicas of your wedding cake. Your guests? eyes are sure to light up when they see these miniature cake wedding favors encased in bon bon candy boxes or clear top boxes perched on their plates.

Your cake wedding favors don't have to be miniatures or replicas of your wedding cake, though. As long as your cake wedding favors complement either your wedding cake or your wedding theme or style, you're fine. For instance, heart-shaped cake wedding favors complement February weddings. Round or square cake wedding favors decorated with edible rose petals and leaves are the perfect cake wedding favors for garden and outdoor weddings and other nature inspired weddings. Cake wedding favors decorated with colorful jellybeans, Jordan almonds, chocolate mints and other sweet treats make for adorable cake wedding favors for festive weddings.

You can also experiment with flavors for your cake wedding favors. Lemon-flavored cake wedding favors are wonderful favors for summer weddings. For chocolate lovers, how about chocolate cake wedding favors? You can't ever go wrong with chocolate. There are practically many flavors you can consider for your cake wedding favors - vanilla, marble, carrot, raspberry, mocha, white chocolate, coconut, peanut - the list is endless!

There are many ways you can fashion a cake wedding favor. Choose the one you are comfortable with and that matches the style of your wedding.

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