Indian Wedding Favors

Indian Wedding Favors

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Indian weddings are elaborate and festive affairs. An Indian bride typically has her hands and feet decorated with mehndi (henna designs) a few days before her wedding. For her wedding attire, she wears a red silk sari nine yards long, and gold bracelets, anklets and rings. The Indian groom, on the other hand, wears a long piece of cloth (called a dhoti) around his pants.

You can give your wedding a touch of India by giving your guests Indian wedding favors at the wedding reception.

Elephant is considered sacred in India. In India, the elephant symbolizes strength and stability. Figurines or miniature elephants make decorative Indian wedding favors. Scented soaps or candles in the shape of an elephant make delightful Indian wedding favors.

Elephant charm bracelets for the women and elephant shaped cufflinks for the men are Indian wedding favors that won?t be easily tossed aside, locked in a drawer or thrown away.

Extend the elephant theme to key chains, paperweights, hanging ornaments and letter openers and you?ve got useful and decorative Indian wedding favors. And instead of piggy banks, why not give away elephant banks?

Jasmine and rose petals are sprinkled over a newly married Indian couple. This is believed to banish evil spirits and bad vibrations. For Indian wedding favors you can use along this line, try small dishes with rose petal designs. You can also give away small bottles of perfume in jasmine scent.

Fill those colorful Indian jute bags with coffee packets or coffee beans. Give your guests an introduction to henna tattoos. Have someone give your guests small henna tattoos on their hands at the wedding reception. Complete it by giving them a booklet filled with trivia and facts about India and henna.

If you love Indian cuisine, put your favorite Indian recipes in a booklet and they can be your Indian wedding favor.

Your Indian wedding favors need not be expensive or elaborate. With a little creativity, you can come up with great Indian wedding favors your guests will adore.

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