Irish Wedding Favors

Irish Wedding Favors

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Typical Irish weddings are full of humor, luck and love. If you've chosen to marry on St. Patrick's Day, you can give your wedding an Irish touch by giving away Irish wedding favors to your guests.

Think Ireland and these things immediately come to mind: shamrock or three-leaf clover, Celtic knot, Irish stew, Claddagh ring, colcannon, fruitcake and horseshoes. You can use these and incorporate them in your Irish wedding favors.

In Irish culture, the three-leaf shamrock is sacred because the Druids believed three as a magical number in Celtic religion. It is also believed that anyone who carries a three-leaf shamrock will have good luck. So send some luck to your wedding guests? way by giving them shamrock charms or shamrock refrigerator magnets as Irish wedding favors. Shamrock cookies, floating candles and foil wrapped chocolates make irresistible Irish wedding favors.

If you are not able to afford customized items like shamrock-shaped chocolates or candles, try this: buy regular cookies or candles at wholesale or discount prices and simply put them in paper bags with a shamrock design. Or attach a green wedding favor tag in the shape of a three-leaf clover. The Irish also consider horseshoes to bring luck. Irish wedding favors using the horseshoe theme could be: horseshoe cookies, real horseshoes, and horseshoe shaped paperweights.

Another popular Irish symbol is the Celtic knot. Celtic knots symbolize inter-connectivity and eternity. You can give away coasters, jewelry boxes or candle holders with Celtic knot designs, and Celtic knot chocolates as Irish wedding favors.

Compile your favorite Irish songs and put them in compact disks. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to create the CDs and customize the covers.

Gather Irish recipes where potatoes take a stellar role and put these recipes in booklet format. At the reception, give the recipe booklets along with one or two potatoes wrapped in organza or tulle to your guests.

When choosing the perfect Irish wedding favors to give to your guests, make sure you give them something they will enjoy.

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