Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

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So, you've decided to go with a beach wedding, with the ocean and setting sun providing a majestic backdrop. Here are beach wedding favors to give your guests a lasting memory of your wedding day.

  • Miniature beach chairs: These wedding favors can also double as placecard holders. They can even hold a tea light candle to give a nice glow to your tables.

  • Beach themed wedding coffee favors: Place these in a welcome bag for out of town guests or at each couple's place setting. For a more creative touch, add sand-colored chocolate candies to eat with their coffee.

  • Hawaiian shirts and skirts: Give your guests something they can wear on their next beach outing. Hawaiian shirts for the guys, skirts or wraparounds for the girls.

  • Miniature yachts: These are great favors especially if you're planning on having your wedding reception aboard a yacht.

  • Beach Sand pails: Fill these colorful miniature sand pails with chocolates, cookies and candies to the brim! Add a miniature shovel and you've got a wedding favor everyone will love.

  • Sand castles: Add a touch of romance and enchantment to your wedding reception with miniature sand castles. They can be edible or made from poly-resin. Your choice.

  • Miniature lighthouses: Edible or made from poly-resin, miniature lighthouses will be a hit with your guests. They can also serve as placecard holders.

  • Miniature sailboats: These beautiful boat favors will give a truly seaside flavor to your wedding, plus they can be used to hold your placecards.

  • Sea treasures in a shell: Fill a large shell with a variety of exotic looking seashells (all chocolate, of course!) and you bet your guests won't be able to keep their hands off. Wrap in tulle and topped with a bow the color of rich sand.

  • Seashell salt and pepper shakers: These sea-inspired items are not only attractive, but also functional.

  • Seashell candles: These are real seashells with scented candles inside them. These make for a lasting impression on your guests.

  • Personalized beach themed chocolate bars: Colorful and yummy; it's a winning addition to any wedding.

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