Traditional wedding favors with a twist!

Traditional wedding favors with a twist!

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Weddings are the epitome of tradition. Steeped in generations of culture, filled with family traditions passed on from mothers to their daughters and fathers to their sons, weddings are a time of celebrating the old? and the new!

Traditional wedding favors too have undergone a sea of change. Wedding favors originally started as a small way to say thank you. The couple had the choice to decide whether they wanted to give or not give away wedding favors. Over the years the optional wedding favors became traditional wedding favors!

Today, giving away wedding favors has become mandatory. Not only is it a must-do, it has become the focal point of competition between brides. Here are some traditional wedding favors that have been upgraded and updated with a twist that will thrill your guests.

Candy Coated Jordan Almonds

The Tradition: These are extremely popular traditional wedding favors. Legend has it that the candy coated Jordan almonds were handed out to remind everyone present that marriage is a combination of bitter and sweet. The tradition continues till date.

The Twist:       However, in a neat twist, the Jordan almonds are hand decorated with confectioner's icing and individually boxed in sets of 3. The almonds are beautifully decorated to be a sugared bride on one side, a sugared groom on the other and a "Just Married" sign in between. Adding a personalized ribbon to these traditional wedding favors will make them truly memorable.

Champagne Glass Bubbles

The Tradition:  As the couple gets ready to leave, the guests blow bubbles at them and send them off in a flurry of bubbles and showered rice. Traditionally, the womenfolk got together and made the soapy solution and crude sticks to blow the wedding bubbles.

The Twist:       Today, times have changed and the traditional wedding favors have been upgraded. Here's a new way to break out the bubbly. This traditional wedding favor is a flute-shaped bottle filled with bubbles. It also has a white top to look like champagne foam. Now here are some bubbles your guests' wont mind bringing to their mouths!

Heart Topped Wedding Bells - Place Card Holders

The Tradition: Ring the wedding bell and the bride and groom must kiss or so tradition has it.

The Twist: The bells are still handed out as tradition is. However, you can have the bells do double duty. Silver or gold plated bells have a heart slot at the top of the bell. You can insert place cards in the heart slot and have your bell wedding favor double as a place card holder! It is a great way to save money as well.

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