Get Your Very Own Customized Celebrity Wedding Favors

Get Your Very Own Customized Celebrity Wedding Favors

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Celebrity weddings can be a great source of ideas and trends that you can imitate - for a fraction of the cost. Most brides cannot afford to be as extravagant as celebrities are. However, with a little bit of innovation, you too can have celebrity wedding favors at your wedding party.

Here are some real-life celebrity wedding favors and some ideas on how you can have the same for much less.

  • "Extra" television host Dayna Devon got handmade velveteen cones trimmed with satin, which she filled with rose petals. These were hung from every chair so that guests could shower the bridal couple with rose petals after the ceremony. Why don't you get your celebrity wedding favors by using velum to make the cones yourself. Add some inexpensive lace or ribbons as trim and ask the florist to give you leftover petals of whichever flowers he is using for the wedding.

  • One celebrity had handmade silk boxes. Inside the box was the story of the couple's romance as well as their wedding invitation. Costing about $125 each, this is something definitely for the rich and famous. However, you can imitate the celebrity wedding favors even on a much lower wedding budget. Instead of silk boxes get nice photo frames, quilted paper boxes, or glass bottles depending on how much you want to spend. Then print your love story on your computer and insert it in the photo frame, box or bottle. Voila! Beautiful celebrity wedding favors at a fraction of the cost!

  • Britney Spears and Shaquille O'Neal and his bride, both gave silver photo frames as wedding favors. These can cost anything from $100-$125 each! You can instead invest in cheaper silver plated photo frames that cost as little as $2 each. To make this celebrity wedding favor your very own, add a photo of yourself and the guest to the frame from your photo album. That?s real celebrity wedding favors for you!

  • John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos created kitschy air fresheners printed with a 70s style photo of themselves. The words, "Our love will last forever" were printed and the fresheners were hung in the guests' cars. You can have your own celebrity wedding favors by creating air fresheners from potpourri. Instead of putting your photograph on it, you can print your names and wedding date on the computer and include that.

With a little creativity you don't need a million dollar budget to create a celebrity style wedding. Just find some personal and unique ways to give a little of yourself to your guests and you, too, can have a beautiful and star filled wedding for a fraction of the cost.

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