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Please be aware that this item is discontinued and can not be ordered, even in small quantities. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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"The Ex-Files" Ten Piece Nail File Set

Give your guests a fun filled favor that takes a light hearted and humorous look at those who we've loved and (thankfully!) lost. "The Ex-Files" Nail File Set has ten two sided, white nail files in a matchbook style packet. Each nail file is labeled with an apt descriptions of the men who have gone before; losers, players, lazy bums, jerks, and, of course, the momma's boys. The good news is that those mistakes are history, and the right guy was "nailed!" On the light pink cover of each set, a tube of cherry red lipstick writes "The Ex-Files" just above a pair of matching red lips. The bottom flap of the packet reads "10 Piece Nail File Set." Every girl has mended a broken heart over one of her "Ex's", now she can mend a broken nail, too. Your guests will love them!

Nail set measures 2.50" x 2.25", individual nail files measure 1.25". These favors are sold as a set of twelve. Minimum Order of 12 Required.