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Please be aware that this item is discontinued and can not be ordered, even in small quantities. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Scented "Love Dove" Soap

Doves choose one partner for life, what a perfect symbol of marriage. Throughout history the white dove has been used as a symbol of Peace, Love, Faithfulness, Purity, and Prosperity. And legend tells us that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is also assured. These beautiful soap favors represent the love and commitment you have given to one another on your special day, and from then on, whenever your guests see a white dove, they will be reminded of the love you have shared.

The beautifully sculpted, pure white soap, with its pleasant fragrance, places the memories of the day you married in the hands and hearts of every guest. Delightfully detailed, and sweetly scented the white dove-shaped soap comes individually wrapped & presented in a nest of natural raffia. The gift box has a base of charcoal gray and a light-gray striped top with light-pink accents highlighted with a delicate line graphic of doves on tree branches. The gift box is finished off perfectly with a elegant gray-satin ribbon and bow. Minimum Order of 12 Required.

Features & Facts

  • Dove soap is sweetly scented Gift box measures 2 1/4 " h x 3 1/4 " w 2" d