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Please be aware that this item is discontinued and can not be ordered, even in small quantities. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Poem Wedding Favor Camera

Capture your day through the eyes of your guests. Set a few cameras out on each reception table and let your guests capture the most candid moments of your day.

Each camera is a 27 exposure flash camera loaded with AGFA 400 speed color film. They are wrapped individually and comes with their own table tent instruction card for your guests. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Your guests will love adding to your memories, and you will love the candid moments caught on film your photographer might have missed. Minimum Order of 10 Required.

Features & Facts

  • Simple point and shoot operation
  • Smart integrated design
  • 35 mm 27-exposure film for color print
  • Optical viewfinder and fixed focus lens
  • ISO 400 film good for all light conditions
  • Automatic built-in flash
  • Battery included
  • Table-top instruction card with every camera
  • Film expires 18 months from the shipping date.