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Light Yellow Finesse Extreme Sugared Almond Dragees

Long associated with celebration, sugared almonds (Dragees, a French word pronounced "draa-jey".) dazzled guests at the Renaissance wedding feast of Catherine de Médicis and the future King Henry II of France. Now a traditional wedding favor, these esteemed confections are customarily offered in groupings of five to seven (always an uneven number) to symbolize health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity. Our classic, gourmet dragées are crafted at a family-owned confectionery in France, by Medicis, where master candymakers encase these almonds in thin, crisp sugar shells.

These sugared almonds use only extra thin sicilian almonds, covered with a very fine vanilla-sugar coat, and are made with a 140 year old process. They are finesse extreme imported directly from Europe and sold in 1 kilogram bags (2.2 lbs). Unlike domestic almonds which are heavy with a thick sugar coat, the extreme finesse are very light, thin and elongated, thus giving you more sugared almonds per pound. How ever you use them these one-of-a-kind gourmet sugared almonds are light, delicious and nothing like you've had before.

You'll often read that candied almonds are meant to signify the "sweet" in marriage, but the truth is, they symbolize the bitter and the sweet. For an added touch, print out small cards with the traditional jordan almond poem on them and attach to the containers. It will give your guests the meaning behind this delicious favor and make them special. Here is the poem you can use:

Jordan Almonds poem:
Five Jordan almonds for each guest to eat
reminds us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife...
health, wealth, happiness, children, and long life!

Features & Facts

  • They are finesse extreme imported directly from Europe and sold in 1 kilogram bags (2.2 lbs).
  • Each bag contains approximately 320 pieces.