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Please be aware that this item is discontinued and can not be ordered, even in small quantities. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Beaded "Sea Glass" Luminaries

Nothing is more beautiful than a simple piece of glass smoothed and polished by the power of the sea. Capture that beauty and let the glow of it illuminate your special event. These exquisite "Sea Glass" Luminaries, with there fanciful beaded handles, captures the tropic sunlight in a glass and brings the beauty of the beach to your tables. Brilliantly giving your guests a favor, not only elegant, but filled with memories.

Sculpted in blue, white and green frosted glass, each luminary has a silver-finish metal handle decorated with delicate gold wire and color-coordinated beads. The set of three lanterns includes one each in ocean-blue, one sea-foam white and one in tropic-seas green. A gorgeous addition to any event looking for romance.

Each luminary measures 3 1/2" h x 3 1/4" in diameter. Candle not included Minimum Order of 12 Required.