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  1. Unique Edible Wedding Favors

    Edible wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. There are edible wedding favors for budget weddings and edible wedding favors for royal weddings. Edible wedding favors can appeal equally to your wedding guests whether they are 80 years old or 8... Read More
  2. Flower Wedding Favor Ideas

    For couples who seek to have a wedding filled with nature's delicate beauty, flower wedding favors are a must. Flower wedding favors are highly regarded because they can provide both a sweet smell and a beautiful sight without detracting from the wedding theme. There are flower wedding favors for just... Read More
  3. Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

    Many say fall weddings are the most beautiful. Red, gold and orange provide a colorful and natural backdrop for many outdoor, garden or nature inspired weddings. Fall's rich colors exude a heady sense of romance. Thus, fall weddings tend to have great impact because they are often the most imaginative,... Read More
  4. Christmas Wedding Favors

    When winter and Christmas come, you have the melding of many creative wedding opportunities. Whatever the theme of your Christmas wedding, there is a wide selection of wedding decorations and favors to meet your needs. There are many varieties of Christmas wedding favors for you to choose from so... Read More
  5. Spring Wedding Favors

    Spring is said to be the time of new beginnings; the time for renewal; the time when love is in the air. Thus spring is an appropriate wedding time. Spring is also one of the easiest times of the year to plan a wedding. Particularly, spring affords many different choices in delightful, elegant... Read More
  6. Candy Wedding Favor Ideas

    Candy leaves a sweet sensation in the mouth. Perhaps this is why candy wedding favors are some of the more endearing wedding favors to give to wedding guests. There are virtually a variety of candy wedding favors you can choose from. The easiest way to do it is to choose the candy that fits in with... Read More
  7. Western Wedding Favors

    Fascinated by the Wild West? An avid fan of Bonanza and Gunsmoke? Many couples are going for Western-style weddings. Not only are they fun to plan, Western weddings provide ample opportunity to learn about the Wild West. A Western theme is most appropriate for outdoor weddings - whether it's just right... Read More
  8. Cinderella Wedding Favors

    For many girls, Cinderella represents the ultimate romantic dream. With the help of a fairy godmother, Cinderella is transformed from a girl in tattered clothes into a beautiful princess who steals the heart of a prince. With nothing but the glass slipper she leaves behind to help him, the prince goes... Read More
  9. Garden Themed Wedding Favors

    Outdoor weddings are popular. Nature lends itself as a spectacular wedding backdrop. Among the various kinds of outdoor weddings, garden weddings are a favorite. Gardens are great venues to share I do's. A wedding is a public declaration of a couple's promise to love and cherish each other. It is... Read More
  10. Wedding Favor Tags

    Wedding favors aren't complete without wedding favor tags. A typical wedding favor tag contains the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date. However, wedding favor tags can be more elaborate than that. Wedding favor tags add a "period" to the end of a wedding event. After the wedding... Read More
  11. Calla Lily Wedding Favors: Elegance in Simplicity

    It was during the Victorian era that flowers began to have their own language. In 1829, a woman named Victoria Wirt created and wrote a dictionary that contained the meanings of flowers. This enabled the men in those days to express their affection to the women they loved through the language of flowers. This... Read More
  12. Asian Wedding Favor Ideas

    Asian weddings, such as Hindu weddings, can last several days. Wedding traditions and practices are usually based on religious beliefs and involve elaborate preparations that take days. Your Asian-theme wedding doesn't have... Read More
  13. Nautical Wedding Favors

    From ship-deck weddings to ocean cliff weddings, nautical wedding themes have been popular for centuries. These weddings combine the elegance of fine dress and uniforms with the serenity of nature. It is no surprise then to see the widespread popularity and variety of nautical wedding favors available. Collect... Read More
  14. Wedding Bell Favor Ideas

    Weddings are rife with symbols and traditions. In Muslim weddings, eggs given to the couple represent fertility. In most Christian weddings, the newlywed couple is showered with rice for fertility. The wedding veil symbolizes modesty and purity, and bouquets were first used to ward off evil spirits,... Read More
  15. Handmade Wedding Favors for Long Lasting Wedding Memories

    Handmade wedding favors are considered by many to be one of the most rewarding parts of wedding planning. A well thought-out handmade wedding favor is of far more sentimental and conversational value to wedding guests than even the most elegant and expensive of wedding favors. Above all, a handmade... Read More
  16. Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas

    Give your wedding favors charm and appeal by choosing the right packaging for them. Whether you use a box, bottle, bag, tin, or envelope as a wedding favor packaging, it needs to carry on the image of your wedding theme. Here are several wedding favor packaging ideas to help you: For beach or sea... Read More
  17. CD Wedding Favors

    With the low cost of blank CDs coupled with how easy and quick it is to burn them right from one's own computer, it is not surprising that personalized CDs are becoming popular wedding favors. Aside from being inexpensive to produce, CD wedding favors serve as tangible mementos that document a most... Read More
  18. Picture Frame Wedding Favors

    Picture frame wedding favors are one of the most sentimental and guest-beloved mementos available. While the centerpiece of a picture frame wedding favor is generally a picture of the bride and groom and/or a personalized message from the bride and groom, the most important consideration is matching... Read More
  19. Golf Wedding Favors

    Ever since Tiger Woods entered the golf scene, the sport became even more popular and watched by a broader and larger audience. Golf's popularity has also extended to weddings -- from getting married "on the green" to weddings with a golf theme. On a special occasion such as your wedding, you want... Read More
  20. Summer Wedding Favors

    Summer is the perfect time for outdoor and garden weddings. Whether you're having a big, expensive wedding or a small intimate wedding where only closest relatives and friends are invited, expressing your gratitude to the people who are present need to be heartfelt. Wedding favors are small tokens... Read More
  21. Wine Wedding Favor Ideas

    Do you want a stylish wedding? Do you want your wedding to say, "Nothing is too good for my bride/groom"? Is your wedding theme centered on elegance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might wish to take a moment to consider wine wedding favors. Wine wedding favors can simply mean... Read More
  22. Cake Wedding Favor Ideas

    Cake is as much a centerpiece of the modern wedding festivities as a man in a tuxedo or a bride in a white dress is. When your guests come to the wedding reception, they expect to see some cake. However, the traditional wedding cake doesn't have to be the only cake your guests will be delighted to see.... Read More
  23. Indian Wedding Favors

    Indian weddings are elaborate and festive affairs. An Indian bride typically has her hands and feet decorated with mehndi (henna designs) a few days before her wedding. For her wedding attire, she wears a red silk sari nine yards long, and gold bracelets, anklets and rings. The Indian groom, on the... Read More
  24. Elegant Wedding Favors

    For many couples, a wedding needs to have elegance, glamour, and grace. For the wealthy, achieving this dream wedding is simply a matter of giving the wedding planner a blank check. However, you do not have to be wealthy to add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. One of the easiest ways you... Read More
  25. Irish Wedding Favors

    Typical Irish weddings are full of humor, luck and love. If you've chosen to marry on St. Patrick's Day, you can give your wedding an Irish touch by giving away Irish wedding favors to your guests. Think Ireland and these things immediately come to mind: shamrock or three-leaf clover, Celtic knot,... Read More
  26. Garden Wedding Favor Ideas

    Nature is abundant with wonderful things. If you and your future spouse love nature and are planning on a garden or outdoor wedding, these garden wedding favors will complement the nature lovers in you!
  27. Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

    So, you've decided to go with a beach wedding, with the ocean and setting sun providing a majestic backdrop. Here are beach wedding favors to give your guests a lasting memory of your wedding day.
  28. Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

    If you can't decide on a wedding favor that both your male and female guests will appreciate and enjoy, you can't go wrong with edible favors! Edible wedding favors are popular and are sure to be snatched up by every guest. Here are several edible wedding favors:
  29. Traditional wedding favors with a twist!

    Weddings are the epitome of tradition. Steeped in generations of culture, filled with family traditions passed on from mothers to their daughters and fathers to their sons, weddings are a time of celebrating the old - and the new! Traditional wedding favors too have undergone a sea of change. Wedding... Read More
  30. Get Your Very Own Customized Celebrity Wedding Favors

    Celebrity weddings can be a great source of ideas and trends that you can imitate - for a fraction of the cost. Most brides cannot afford to be as extravagant as celebrities are. However, with a little bit of innovation, you too can have celebrity wedding favors at your wedding party. Here are some... Read More
  31. Coordinating Wedding Favors For Your Themed Wedding

    Theme weddings are all the rage - theme decor, theme food and theme wedding favors. The key to having a perfect theme wedding is coordinating all the various aspects of the wedding to a particular theme. This includes having special theme wedding... Read More
  32. Favor Ideas for A Beach Wedding

    Nothing is more romantic then the sand beneth your feet and the surf pounding on the shore. Many brides choose a beach wedding during the summer months, some for the beauty, others for the casual elegance a beach wedding can bring. But when having a beach wedding some brides find it hard to select... Read More
  33. Kids' Coloring Favors

    Kids can get bored easily, but if you plan ahead they can have a good time too. For a quick and easy kids' favor try small galvanized pails filled with crayons. Then give each child a coloring book, find them cheap at the dollar store, or better yet, cover the kids table with white paper instead of a... Read More
  34. Tricks To Getting Wholesale Wedding Favors

    Wedding favors are fabulous and guests love them. However, expensive wedding favors are not something everyone can afford. Even if you look to spend just $2.00 on every favor and have 100 guests you are looking at $200.00! A $5.00 wedding favor would up your wedding favors budget to $500.00. Phew!... Read More
  35. Are DIY (Do it Yourself) Wedding Favors really worth it?

    DIY wedding favors are a fantastic idea for hands-on brides who like to be involved in every aspect of wedding planning. But when you consider the time spent coming up with a creative idea for the wedding favor, buying the required materials, putting together the favors for countless guests, and storing... Read More
  36. Candle Wedding Favors for Hopes of a Good and Happy Life

    Candles have been a part of society for a long time. Candles are not only used as a source of light. We use them for celebrations, for accenting decor, for defining rituals and ceremonies, for marking important events. Weddings wouldn't be complete without the presence of candles. It is said that candles... Read More
  37. Wedding Favor Box Ideas

    Many people spend more time choosing the right package for their wedding favors than the actual wedding favors. This is justifiable when the connection between the wedding favors and the wedding theme is not very clear. A wedding favor box that is well matched with the wedding theme can add thematic... Read More
  38. Traditional Ways to Package Your Wedding Favors

    When planning a traditional wedding, don't overlook the presentation of your wedding favors. The right wedding favor packaging can add a touch of elegance to your wedding. In addition to reinforcing your wedding's style, your wedding... Read More
  39. Creative Wedding Favors that Fit Your Dream Wedding

    So you're about to plan a wedding? You're dreaming of the perfect wedding. Someone says to you, "Snap out of it, you've got a wedding to plan." Don't listen to that person! Well, at least not entirely. You do need to plan a wedding, but your dreaminess can be the asset that makes it the perfect wedding.... Read More
  40. Coffee Wedding Favor Ideas

    Sometime in 15th century Yemen, a shepherd saw goats become excited and restless after eating red berries from a bush. He mentioned the incident to a monk, who then boiled the berries and extracted bitter liquid. It was strong and when the monk drank it, he felt weary and his sleepiness disappeared.... Read More
  41. Soap Wedding Favor Ideas

    Many wedding traditions are laden with symbols of cleanliness, from the well "groomed" groom to the bride wearing white. So it seems to make sense that one of the most popular of wedding favors are the soap wedding favors. Soap wedding favors aren't typically... Read More
  42. A Touch of Grandeur with Silver Wedding Favors

    Silver is one of the more popular wedding favors today. Silver exudes a quiet elegance and style, which makes it a great wedding favor. Silver wedding favors provide an aura of grandeur to weddings but they are not as expensive as you might imagine.... Read More
  43. Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

    It is no mystery in our culture why personalized wedding favors are so beloved by guests. It is often said that the best gift you can give is the gift you make with your own hands. It follows, then, that the second best gift must be the one that symbolizes the gift giver or the gift giver's relationship... Read More
  44. Delight the Palette and Invoke Memories with Cookie Wedding Favors

    When we think of cookies, most of us are brought back into the mood of a sweet moment we remember in life from our childhood. Or maybe we remember a romantic night out when someone special gave us that sweet memento. So it is not a stretch to think that cookies as a wedding favor may also create a special... Read More
  45. Trendy Ways to Package Your Wedding Favors

    When planning a thematic wedding, don't overlook the presentation of your wedding favor packaging. Instead of using ribbons only to accentuate your wedding favors, try putting your wedding favors in modern, attractive packaging.... Read More
  46. Cheap Wedding Favors That Won’t Break Your Wallet

    Weddings are expensive affairs in general. Sticking to your wedding budget can be extremely difficult. In addition to other expenses, wedding favors too add to the budget. Cutting costs without compromising on the quality of the wedding favors can be very tricky. Most brides don't like the idea of... Read More
  47. Whimsical, Magical Butterfly Wedding Favors

    Among theme weddings, butterfly theme weddings are one of the most popular. Releasing butterflies instead of showering the couple with rice at the end of the ceremony is done to create a more dramatic and magical atmosphere to a special day. The butterflies create a wonderful flurry of colors, grace... Read More
  48. Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

    You get what you pay for, right? Well, that depends on your definition of "pay". If "pay" is to be considered the sum efforts of what you put into something, then yes, you generally get what you "pay" for in the real world. However, if "pay" is to be considered how much cash you outlay, then no, you... Read More

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